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Training & Development

CPB Consulting offers a wide range of Consulting and Training Services for Food and Beverage Operations, Hotels, Nightclubs, Banquet Facilities, and Specialty Operations. Some of these services include:
Concept Development

Full conceptual development projects are intended to assist the client with professional guidance, training, planning, and execution of all development and operational issues concerning their new bar and/or restaurant.  


Once retained, the assigned consultant to the project remains at the client’s disposal for the duration of the projects proposed timeline.   The consultant is responsible for assisting the client in every phase of development such as writing a functional business plan, planning & design, new construction/build out, budgeting, operational structuring & controls, inventory controls, management & floor training, marketing & advertising, menu design, systems analysis, and grand openings.  


FOH & BOH Consulting

Whether your needs are in the front of the house (dining/drinking area) of your operation (FOH), or in the kitchen/employee/prep area in the back of the house (BOH), we can assist you in designing an effective and productive operational plan to include all areas, positions, and duties.


Some of these services include implementing management practices and responsibilities, creating accurate cash control systems, and developing cost effective perpetual inventory systems. We are also experts in the design of policy and procedure manuals, commercial kitchen operations, and training manuals and programs for all staff positions including management, kitchen, bar, service, and support.



Management Recruiting

With over 25 years of recruiting experience, CPB Consulting actively engages in bringing the most effective fit between managers and food and beverage employers.  


Having represented multiple major national and regional corporate brands and privately held concepts across the United States., we specialize in sourcing candidates at all levels including; Corporate Executives, District Managers, General Managers, Kitchen Managers, Front of the House Managers, Back of the House Managers, and all other levels of management, marketing, sales, and supervision.





Training & Education

We offer a multitude of classroom and online Food and Beverage Certification and Licensing programs for both amateur and professional operators.


Programs such as Bar & Restaurant Management (Basic and Advanced),  Bar and Restaurant Ownership, Theft Prevention, Server Training (Basic and Advanced), B.A.S.S.E.T. (Student and Instructor Training),  Inventory Controls, Product Identification and Development, Sales Techniques, Promotions and Marketing, and Hospitality Consulting.


Our programs have trained over 15,000 Hospitality professionals nationwide since 1994 with dozens more signing up every day. Former graduates of our programs have gone on to prosperous careers as Owners, Directors, General Managers, Assistant Managers, Bartenders, Servers, BASSET Instructors, and Hospitality Consultants. 

Turn-Key Services

Purchasing an existing bar or restaurant is ideal for those that are experienced in the industry because they provide immediate revenue upon acquisition.


New owners of a “turn-key” operation also don’t have to initially worry about equipment, labor, or establishing their name, since this will have already been done prior to their arrival. That’s the easy part.


The tricky part is determining whether or not your buying a business that’s on its way up, has stabilized, or is on its way down. You'll also want to make sure that its location, access, structural integrity, and reputation are all acceptable since they will all be critical factors in determining your success or failure. This is where you will need a professional business analysis to be conducted on the business you seek.


On your behalf, CPB Consulting can conduct a comprehensive analysis on any existing operation’s lease or mortgage agreements, financials, location, inventory systems, marketing strategies, equipment, furnishings, building integrity, and accessibility.


Following this assessment, we will generate a detailed report for the prospective buyer on the operation that is sought for purchase and assess a fair market value for the business itself and any applicable real estate. This not only will ensure that you only pay a fair market value for the business, but also a business that has been determined to be profitable and successful. 

Additional Services

Business & Operational Planning

•  Identification of Financing Sources

•  Short  & Long Term Financial Forecasting

•  Profit & Loss Statements

•  Inventory and Labor Cost Analysis

•  Liability Exposure

•  Demographics & Target Markets              

•  Local Codes & Zoning

•  Permits & Licensing

•  Effective Management Skills

•  Professional Staff Development

•  Human Resources

•  Employment Policies

•  Employee Manual Development

•  Product Knowledge

•  Team Building

•  Inventory Control

•  Ordering/Purchasing

•  Perpetual Inventory Controls  

•  Auditing

•  Pricing Structure

•  Cash Controls •    

•  Portion Controls

•  Theft Detection & Deterrence

•  Security Layouts

•  POS Systems

•  Management Strategy

•  Policy & Procedures

•  Prosecution and Litigation Protection

•  Loss Recovery & Collection


Designing Concepts

•  Traffic & Operational Flow

•  Location Analysis

•  Theme Development

•  Equipment Selection

•  Niche Concepts


Liability & Insurance  

•  Alcohol Awareness Training

•  Liquor License Purchase


Marketing Strategies

•  Promotional Campaigns

•  Advertising Campaigns

•  In-House Marketing Campaigns

•  Trend Concepts

•  Social and Mass Media Development

•  Menu Design

•  Entertainment